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So you want to experience scuba diving in Dauin or you want to dive Zamboanguita or Apo Island? No Problem, Coral Dive & Adventure dive daily at each of these amazing locations (weather allowing).

Famous for its stunning diving opportunities, the dive sites of the Dauin & Zamboanguita coastline offer a variety of dive types, whether muck diving, drifting over a thriving reef or taking on a deep pinnacle dive. Apo Island is one of those locations on many a diver's wish-list and is sure to leave you with ever-lasting fond memories after your turtle encounters. 

We have a dive shop located in Dauin (Mahogany Upland Resort) and another dive shop in Zamboanguita (White Chocolate Hills Resort) meaning that we can offer you a full dive package complete with accommodation options and transfers. As well as being able to take bookings for fun-dives, trips and excursions, we are fortunate to have access to beautiful pools at both locations, ideal to brush up on some skills as you take part in PADI courses and training from the introductory Discover Scuba Diving and novice level Open Water Diver up to professional level Divemaster.

In addition to the pool, the Zamboanguita resort has the biggest beach frontage in the area, and the Dauin resort is a matter of minutes from the ocean meaning we can take the training in to the ocean right from the moment you decide to sign up for your dive training. All in all, we are proud to take the title as being your 'go-to' provider for all your diving vacation and PADI training needs in Dauin, Zamboanguita and Apo Island.


Dauin and Zamboanguita


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You do not have to venture far to experience some of the best dive sites in Dauin and Zamboanguita. Local diving will surely present you with Frogfish, the enchanting Flamboyant Cuttlefish, elegant Ghost Pipefish and Thorny Seahorse as well as a whole host of other Macro life. Night diving here is a particular pleasure sure to bring plenty of memorable surprises.

With a vast choice of dive sites around the local coastline there is something to suit all diver preferences, including our secret 'Waiting Shed' teeming with Nudibranch's and a recently discovered Pinnacle with it's top at 31m that is home to a huge turtle, nudibranchs, a fully matured Giant Moray Eel, two foot-long Scorpionfish and large school's of Batfish, damsels and cardinals

We conduct both shore dives and boat dives, depending on diver preference and weather conditions on the day. All in all, the local area is a real treasure-trove of dive sites awaiting you.


Apo Island

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A short 40 minute Banca ride away, it is easy to see why this jewel of a location is often referred to as being one of the best dive sites in the Philippines. Apo Island offers divers an abundance of marine life. Diving with turtles is just one of the highlights this immaculate eco-system has to offer.

Apo Island offers divers 11 different sites to dive encompassing the island, meaning that even during unfavorable weather conditions we should still have a sheltered side for you to explore.

Maybe you yearn for a nice wall dive or you prefer a slope dive, well you will find both on offer at Apo Island, and with some sites you can even buckle in for a good drift dive not for the faint-hearted. Apo Island is home to a wide range of critters including an array of Nudibranch, Frogfish, a multitude of shrimp and you can even find great photo opportunities with resident turtles nestling not far from some beautiful barrel sponges.

Other Diving Locations



Coral Dive & Adventure is able to provide customers with diving experiences across the Visayas Region, each with their unique charm and appeal to divers. Maybe you have shark diving on your  'bucket list'? Well you have the oppurtunity to make that special shark dive, choosing dive with Thresher Sharks at Malapascua Island. If you seek the solitude that comes with diving with turtles and immerse yourself in a spectacular wall dive at Balicasag Island (Bohol) then we can arrange that for you. Alternatively, you may have heard of the mezmorizing display of the Sardines at Moalboal or Panglao (Bohol)? With trusted and established relationships with preffered dive operations in all of these locations we can offer you discounted rates. We have recently added Mactan (Cebu) to our destinations list, with dive sites located minutes from the airport allowing you to dive soon after flying. If you have always wanted to experience diving with a Diver Propelled Vehicle (DPV diving) then this would be an ideal location to learn before heading around other Visaya's dive spots.